Hi, I'm Emma.  I'm a Capricorn that loves long walks on the beach and baseball game hot dogs. I watch more YouTube than there are hours in the day, have an addiction to sneakers, and wish that I was Billie Eilish (even though she's like 16!!). I'm a senior at the University of Michigan's Stamp School of Art and Design and just got back from the best semester ever studying graphic design at the University of London's: Central St. Martins. On the come-down from my semester abroad, I feel motivated and inspired. The constant change and buzz of London's street art gave me an edge. A walk down the same street was never like the last. Layers upon layers of this rebellious art form constantly crowded and transformed the London walls. With every addition of spray paint, sticker, and print came new meanings, connections, and points of view. This visual overload that absorbed my daily commute really got me thinking about my own artistic expression. How could I get my own point of view and layered works out into the world without the risk and public vandalism? Well, welcome to my online graffiti.


Coming back to America, I also reflected on the bullshit that clouded my day-to-day life. In conversations, social media, and the news, I began to find myself getting more easily peeved. Everything was starting to feel disingenuous. Being an introvert, I constantly find my voice being snubbed out by someone louder. I’ve also realized that many people are getting scared to step on toes and say something bold that may come off slightly aggressive or painfully true. Well that's what this site is for. A website created to contain none of that fluff or wimpy point of views. This is a no-bullshit blog where we attempt to get real. We are not here to start fights but rather conversations where everyone is entitled to their own opinions. This is a place where a variety of people can speak their truth and share their passions and skills. And while I love to create, collage, write, and rant, I knew I couldn't do it alone. That's where my good friends Meg and Gia come in. I hope you love this blog as much as I do!

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Hi! I'm Meg, Emma's cooler, hotter roommate. Like her, I grew
up in a suburb of Chicago and followed my midwest blood to Michigan, where I'm pursuing a double major in two subjects that definitely aren't art. After spending two years agonizing over my future, I landed on communications and international studies and chose to concentrate in two concepts I've grown to be passionate about: global health and the environment. I love walking to work (currently in DC doing marketing for a renewable energy company this summer!), cold brew coffee, my gray joggers, airports, the nature preserve on Lake Michigan near my house, carnitas tacos, my parents, and rooftop bars. And if you want to have hour-long conversations about meals you've had, I'm your gal. As for this blog, it's definitely out of my comfort zone but i cannot wait to keep contributing to it. Sharing my writing honestly feels like I'm walking topless through my middle school cafeteria...buuuut that only leaves room to grow. This is space to share badass ideas, stories, tutorials,
lists, recipes...but mostly a space to showcase what really gets us
going!! Sooooo enjoy!

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