A Note From the Creator

Dear Readers,

Let's GET REAL. I have trouble publicly expressing an opinion because I’m quiet and hate confrontation. These days I feel like every topic is oh so sensitive and people are waiting to pounce down your throat at any “wrong” wording or uneducated point of view. Opinions are like finally sending the “I like you” text to your friend that you’ve been crushing on or like the heartbeat after saying a joke in a large group of new people and waiting to see if they’ll laugh. Opinions are a risk that immediately provoke either a positive or negative response.

With this blog, I want to create an open discussion of opinions. To do that, I must express some of my own. I must also not be afraid of backlash or being proven wrong, and neither should you. Everyone comes from different places, backgrounds, and minds and so obviously we aren’t all going to agree on everything. I wish this was a harmonious world but sadly it's not and if something here rubs you the wrong way, feel free to return with your own response. We at GET REAL would love to create an open dialogue for different points of view and if you feel like something needs to be said, hit us up!



Emma Killeen, Collage


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