Chicks Before Dicks: The Power of a Girl Squad

Written by Annie Sheehan

Frankly, most of my girl friends have been the same since I was 11. I came into college and realized, hmm. I don’t think I know how to make friends. (I didn’t, but somehow got lucky enough to land in the right places at the right times and came out okay.)

Cue four years later: a lot of things are different, but a lot of things are very much the same. There’s been life changes and breakups and major/minor changes and everything in between, different semesters abroad and summers spent in other places but the ~gal pals~ who I knew were keepers from the start haven’t changed. I’ve got the same group of friends at home I essentially had in eighth grade as we fought over the same crushes and set ringtones to “Hey, Baby” by Pitbull, only now we (begrudgingly) talk jobs and post-grad and how fast it all went by.

For the college squad, things can sometimes be a little trickier. There are plenty of distractions, ways to keep yourself busy and isolate yourself from others and spend your time without those friends that I, at least, most desperately need. College is a lot of things - friends, obviously, then there’s the whole academic part, extra-curriculars, your social life, your “love” life with all the frat stars and maybe a keeper (!) you meet on the way, and everything else in between.

But let’s be real here. Everyone knows the cold, hard, truth - chicks before dicks, bros before hoes, whatever you want to call it - we just sometimes forget it. And when you forget it, there’s always a reminder that hits you at one point or another to remind you that females are objectively a superior species, and this is why those sayings exist. Though, admittedly, men (boys) keep us honest (most of the time) - plus, they give us the greatest stories that sound just so much funnier when they’re told over brunch and mimosas with your seven best girl friends on a Sunday morning. Honestly, how else would we have ever discovered all of the awfully depressing Secondhand Serenade/ Coldplay music if we hadn’t gotten heartbroken freshman year of high school?

I mean, really though, through all the dances we went to and dates that sucked and car hookups and broken hearts and first “I love you’s”, what do we actually get out of it? Is there any good to come out of all these catastrophes when the guy in question is actually a confirmed asshole, or was in it for the long haul but isn’t The One? Absolutely.

The first time I ever got rejected was at a skating rink, over the phone, by a boy I had crushed on hard for two years. My world was in shambles and I was in tears. But what I remember most about this night is not what he said to me or the way my heart sank into the pits of my stomach when I realized it was a no (though you bet your ass it did), it’s more importantly the red slushy and french fries my friends had waiting for me when I emerged red-eyed from the bathroom. Talk about some true friends who KNOW it’s the red slushy and not the blue.

Your girl squad sticks with you through the frat star assholes and the artists with the tattoos that you really think are your type but give it up, they aren’t, and they’re there with the Kleenex and ice cream when it all comes crashing down. When you’re crying hysterically over a breakup and cannot be consoled, do all six of your roommates pile into your twin XL? Big time. They’re there to talk with you through life crises that are bigger than boys, to assure you that no, you’re not an idiot because you started this paper two hours before it’s due, and bring you water in bed when you’re too hungover to get it yourself. They’re there to wingman and to empower you - yes, you do have the confidence to go home with that cute AEPi you’ve eyed all year - and when you need an escape, there’s no doubt who your rescue heroes will be.

And that is how you know those are the friends that aren’t only going to be there to laugh about the outrageous shit someone pulled on spring break, but they’re the friends that are going to stick with you through seriously hard times and seriously great times and if we really wanna bring this thing full circle, give a drunk teary speech at your wedding day. These are the ones you should be pulling in close, taking note of, as our four years ~terrifyingly~ come to an end. They’re the ones who deserve your Facetimes even if you’re apart in different countries or states, they’re the ones worth a weekend visit even when the bank account says no, and you should definitely, absolutely, always make time for them. The *real* girl squad is not something to forget about, not even when your sorority shirts have all hit the trash and you’re a real working adult who turns their nose up at college kids in the bar.

Remember that.


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