Don't Get that Nose Job: Today's Beauty Standards

Art and Writing by: Emma Killeen

It’s your face and you can do whatever you want to it, but I’m here to tell you… don’t get that nose job! My point of view may be privileged because I don’t dislike my nose, but I would be lying if I said I never have. We’ve all had our insecurities. That being said, I’m here to tell you that those insecurities are what make you, you.

This beauty standard held by social media is getting really old. I’m constantly bombarded with models and their perfect tans, toned abs, skinny limbs, and plump lips on Instagram and to me, their smiles are just as fake as everything else about them. If you’re still buying into these fake Instagram lives and personas, I suggest taking a nice long hike, reading a book, and chucking your phone out your car window.

That being said, it is really easy to fall victim to all of this contrived beauty. It’s hard not to look at a skinny girl drinking out of a coconut in Bora Bora and not think to yourself “Sigh. If I only had abs like that, I could drink out of a coconut for a living too.” When you see someone who’s living the “perfect life” it’s hard not to compare it to your desk job and snack pack. But, your Instagram likes don’t decide your self-worth, you do.

I’ve always been one to appreciate unique and natural beauty. A girl with slightly large ears, a pointed nose, or bangin’ curves. A girl that posts her natural face or personal accomplishments or even just a photo she thought was cool when she took it. I admire the girl on Instagram that’s embraces the moment she’s in, posting for the fun memory rather than taking fifty versions of the same photo and ultimately deciding that they all suck (I’ve been there too). Who I value the most are the girls that I can relate too, the ones with average bodies, average makeup, average skin, average lives. The ones that don’t take themselves too seriously online and don’t post to impress their peers. These girls are the ones that I find most confident. And recently, I feel like I see less and less of the “normal” and natural girl that I’ve always admired.

I don’t mean to take your personal choices to heart, but it does make me sad when I see a familiar face change through cosmetic surgery. When I see a “normal” girl permanently change herself to fit society’s beauty standard, my heart sinks a little bit. I was rooting for you!!! We were all rooting for you!!

It’s the paradox of being a woman in today’s society. What you hate about yourself, others love. So what I’m here to tell you is, don’t get that nose job! Your confidence and personality is what makes you most attractive and your individuality is greater than conformity. Like I said, your insecurities are what make you unique, and if you erase them, you are erasing your true self. Having self-confidence is something waaay easier said than done. But if we could all lighten up a little online and find beauty in what’s real, we may all be more accepting of other’s and our own imperfections. Thank you to all the people that are already doing this, I see you!


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