Updated: Mar 25, 2019


As seniors about to graduate college, we know this spring is going to be full of last hurrahs, bittersweet goodbyes, adult stress, and sappy, drunken professions of love to friends. Get Real wants to commemorate this liminal time of life by reflecting on all of the good, the bad, and the uncomfortable aspects of college this spring. So grab your red solo cup, put on Asher Roth’s “I Love College”, and get ready to get sentimental about the “best four years of your life”.


Thought you’d end up with abs? But it wasn’t a match. Wrote some songs about good grades? Now you listen and laugh. Even almost ate healthy? And for pizza you’re so grateful. Wish you could thank you to Netflix, ‘cause they are an angel.

While 2018 may have taught you love, patience, and pain, we at Get Real are here to say THANK U, NEXT. In this edition, we are looking back at the year and reminiscing on the lessons we’ve learned, mistakes we’ve made, and struggles we’ve had. We are celebrating those experiences as we move forward into 2019, a year of fresh starts and bittersweet goodbyes. So pop that champagne and give a smooch at midnight, because it’s about to be a wild ride!

We hope you stick around.


Ahh yes, college. The time in life where you can irresponsibly rip 5 shots at 8am on a Saturday morning and be in the library studying for your midterm by 6pm. Where you can eat grilled cheese and coco puffs for every meal and still convince your parents that you’re a functioning adult. Where you can have the worst semester of your life and still come out on top. College tosses six eggs at you at once and says “catch!”. This September and October, GET REAL is focusing on this transformative time of life and all of its dysfunction. In college, you’ll make your best friends, work hard, and pursue your dreams. Through all the struggle, you’ll come out a better you. So here we are, back to the sorority chants, back to the late night stress eating, back to the tearful phone calls to mom, back to unhealthy binge-drinking, and BACK TO SCHOOL!

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Happened so fast? Had me a blast? Boooorrrring. This July and August we are ditching Danny and the only thing getting Sandy is our butts on the beach. Let’s cut the romantic crap and GET REAL. For our July and August theme we intend to explore Summer Lovin’ from a different perspective. No girls swooning over guys in hot cars and leather jackets. No perfectly tanned, bikini-clad models. No workouts to attain your “perfect summer body”. Nope, none, bye! This month, we wanna explore different forms of love. May that be self-love, sexuality, a passion you have, or something that you’re just obsessed with. And while it is summer, we thought we would include some of those classic summer motifs that we all know and love just to appease your inner tumblr-girl. Bomb-pops and palm trees it is! We offer you a distraction from your summer desk job and hope you enjoy this blog as much as we do!

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