The Fun of Fashion: Designs by Emily Sikkel

Updated: Jul 14, 2018

Hi, Emma here. Emily Sikkel is my dear friend from London that creates beautiful and color-filled clothing that seek to make women feel confident. I know zip about fashion but looking at her pieces always make me smile and I hope they make you smile as well! Emily is the cutest North Carolina gal with an amazing English accent (long story) and honestly her work speaks for herself.

Meet Emily:

Nanga Mai

An introspective pattern collection for intimates and sleepwear incorporating motifs from Australian Aboriginal “Dreaming” folklore. Inspired by hypnagogia, the state of mind between sleep and wakefulness. The meaning of Nanga Mai is “to dream” in Gadigal Aboriginal dialect.

The patterns in my collection are graphic, modern, and playful. The aesthetic finds discipline in the jumbled musings of nighttime. The collection responds to the the unexpected and tumultuous thoughts that lead into slumber, but respects the order and cadence of the sounds of sleep.

The woman I am dressing is an independent woman looking for easy, effortless intimates and sleepwear. When she is at home she wants to feel comfortable and playful; not voyeuristic. She wants her everyday intimates to feel thoughtful. With this collection I wanted to inspire women to feel confident, natural and fun. My roommate, Katie Cubrilovic, was my model and I always look up to her as one.

Ultra Violet

A collection inspired by two opposite environments in London: Kew Gardens and Underground Hydroponic Farms.

The use of color in this garment was very intentional. The shocking “ultra violet” color was taken from the glowing shine from LED lights on the crops growing within hydroponic farms in the subterranean world below. The stark white color was taken from the workers lab coats and white wellies, and the organic ropes and ribbons threaded through the modern mesh ties back to the colors of the victorian glasshouse at Kew Gardens.

So often we shy away from bright colors in our wardrobes. Although I love neutrals as much as the next girl, there are times when wearing a bright color and owning it can make you feel incredible. My hope for whoever wears this vibrant kimono style dress is that they feel confident and energized.


A textile collection inspired by the gritty colors and textures of the London neighborhood of Camberwell. Techniques used include lino-printing, heat press, knitting, weaving, and the embellishment of unconventional materials.

When I first arrived at Camberwell College of Art I was disappointed to say the least. I had come to London to study abroad at Central Saint Martins, but they had moved my class a 50 minute tube ride away to south London into the studio spaces of it’s sister school CCA. We were warned on the first day not to go out alone as the area was known to be “dodgy.”

My class was given a project to create a textiles collection inspired by the surrounding area and I was so uninspired at first, however, the more and more I looked for interesting textures and patterns around the area the more I found myself enjoying my surroundings. The motifs, color inspiration and textures I incorporated in the collection all came from the most unassuming things around Camberwell. The shadows from a bike, the scratched off posters on a telephone box, wires hanging off a building, a bench in the park, the abstract outlines of the skyline. I started to really appreciate the area for its imperfection. This collection made me realize how to love something for its faults and its undesirable blemishes.

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