MEET LOOM:INGS: An Interview

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

Loom:ngs is a musical duo from the University of Miami's music school, Frost. Producer/beat-maker/Emma's-friend Daniel Loumpouridis shared his and Zola Johnson's (lead singer) EP, Chapter One, on Facebook and upon first listen, we were hooked. It's shocking how professional and complete this EP sounded and we wanted to know more about its creation. Learn more about Loom:ngs from Daniel and Zola below:

1. How/when did you guys meet?

Daniel: I met Zola at an open mic my freshman year of college. She was a sophomore and had just gotten done performing her song “Cruel”, which blew my mind. I couldn’t believe that someone at my age was capable of writing a song like that. I walked up to her (without introducing myself) and asked if I could hug her. For one reason or another she humored me, we had an awkward hug, and that was that. But I still stand by that reaction.

2. After you met, how did your music together come to be? Was it a natural pairing?

Zola: I heard his production on another classmate’s tune and I immediately Facebook messaged him to see if he’d want to work on one of my songs. He was one of the first producers I heard at Frost (University of Miami’s music school) who was doing something more electronic and using sounds I’d never heard before. I wanted that kind of production to elevate my acoustic based music. We got together and worked on one of my songs and made something really cool. I think we worked well together from the beginning because Daniel pushes me beyond comfort zone and in turn I compel him to always take a step back and look at the bigger picture of a song.    

3. What’s your favorite song that you’ve made together? Why?

Daniel: I absolutely adore our song “Of Mine”. Zola came to me with these lyrics that she had written a month or two prior, and we knew that they were just too good to let go unheard. Something about the way she floats on top of the recording with that vocoder just hits me in a very emotional place. Also, the length of that song really seems to invite a second listen. The tune being so short, it feels like it forces you to stop, think about it, then go back again to make sure what you heard was really there.

4. What style would you consider your music to be?

Daniel: Electro-indie-dance-pop-something?

5. What’s your process when creating new music?

Zola: I’ll usually come into Daniel’s home studio and either he’ll already be messing with a beat or in the process of making one. I don’t think I could count how many one minute beats he has on his computer, he’s just always making something even if it’s not quite what he wants. Once we have a verse or chorus solid enough to loop, we’ll mess around with some melodies. Little does he know the whole time he’s been tweaking sounds on his computer I already have a whole verse written down on my phone. We’ll go through the lyrics together, change some words and sing some melodies until we find something we love.

Fun fact: “Heads” was created while Daniel was in Los Angeles and I was in New York last summer. He sent me an mp3 of the beat and I wrote some lyrics and recorded them. I think I sent him back the full song a couple hours after he sent me the beat. Everything just came together so naturally, but it’s the only song we wrote when we weren’t in the same room.

6. What inspires you to create music?

Zola: When it comes down to it, we’re trying to be our own favorite artist. We want to create music we wish we were already hearing.

7. Who writes the lyrics or do you work on them together?

Daniel: It depends on the tune, but I’d say it’s most common for Zola to start out with a lyrical foundation, and then we work together to build our song on top of that. It’s always a collaborative process musically and lyrically, but she just gets a head start on the words like I get a head start on the music.

8. Is there any story behind the name Loom:ngs?

Daniel: It’s the first chapter of Moby Dick! The greatest book ever written. I made Zola read it the summer we first met. God knows why she put up with me, but the girl committed and made it through the whole thing relatively unscathed. Loomings is the first chapter of the book, the book was the first chapter of our relationship, and “Chapter One” is the first chapter of Loom:ngs. Symmetry. Sort of.

9. Are you working on anything new?

Zola: We’re constantly working on new things. We are never not thinking of the next song we could create or a new sound we want to incorporate in our music. Anytime we’re listening to a song or an album Daniel will be like “ let’s do that but better”.

10. What kind of music are you personally listening to right now?

Daniel: Kanye and James Blake are pretty much always on rotation. Saba has a new-ish album out that sufficiently messed me up. And I know I’m clearly way behind, but I absolutely fell in love with Radiohead last year and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Zola: Bon Iver is playing at least once a day. Adrianne Lenker from Big Thief and Nicole Miglis from Hundred Waters are probably my biggest lyrical influencers at the moment. I have also been listening to Troye Sivan’s new album almost everyday since it came out. Great workout music.

11. Anything big in the future for Loom:ngs?

Daniel: We have another EP we’re finishing up, and a killer live set that we are beyond proud of thanks to a wonderful guitarist with beautiful hair named James Bishop. Cannot wait for people to experience both of these things in equally epic proportions.

Find Loom:ngs on Spotify or Soundcloud below:




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